More Than A Simple Project…

Hello everyone,

In a little less than two weeks I will have to put down my first deposit for the Guatemala trip. This being said, I need to have at least $300 by Sept 1.

I greatly appreciate all the donations I have received so far but would love if everyone could help spread the word about this great cause.

The stove building project is more than a simple project. The project requires the use of a machete instead of tools commonly found here in the states to cut the cement blocks. The stoves require patience, strength, and determination. There are many language barriers and stressful times while working on the stoves. The heat and humidity make for a long and exhausting day and the fear of drinking out of the wrong water bottles frightens everyone. This trip is definitely a life changing experience and any type of donation no matter how big or small can help make it possible.




The journey this week!

This week has been hectic between working, internship papers, and getting ready for school to start back up. Please continue to follow along on my journey to Guatemala as I’ll start writing again next week. In the mean time please help spread the word and help me raise donations for the life changing trip!

With love,
donate here please


The journey back to Guatemala

Last winter I received an amazing opportunity to travel with my community college to Guatemala. The mission of the trip was to build stoves for villages living in poor conditions. I was recently asked to travel back to Guatemala to complete the same task. This trip is life changing for the indigenous Mayan culture and for the volunteers as well. As much as I want to travel and help continue the stove project the cost is relatively expensive. I have set up a GoFundMe account and would appreciate any donation!