Day #2 of the Journey!

It’s day two of fundraising! Today I would like to show pictures of the stove building process. The first picture shows the poor stove conditions many Guatemalans face. The stove is used to cook all their meals and has many safety concerns. Children burn themselves on the hot surfaces and the unstable platform can fall at any moment. The second image shows the chimney process. As you can see the roof of the house is barley able to support the man as he works towards concealing the smoke from the home. The third image is the final process of the stove. The stoves are designed so the only hot surface is the burner plate area. This prevents children from burning themselves as well as being a more stable platform. This stove also uses less wood and is economically better for the families.

Any donation no matter how small will make a tremendous difference! Please help me spread the word and raise my goal!




1736013_1405523565.1917_multi 1736013_1405523579.6564_multi 1736013_1405523588.96_multi


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